Earnings to venezuela

A computer game from the USA, in the soldner in venezuela, dominated by one "powerful tyrants", chamber, stobbies in politicians of the country on criticism

How much others can also be computer games on propaganda tools and transport a specific political ideology along the stereotypes of friend and enemy. This will then be problematic when games are located in certain countries and the enemies act as a bloodless opponent, which must be destroyed by all means. The boundaries between entertainment and training are already blurring at shooter and militar plays, when the militar developed simulations come to the market or conversely computer games are adapted to the requirements of the militar. Now let the pandemic studios, los angeles, soldner compete against venezuela. This is not favored in venezuela.

Earnings to Venezuela

Screenshot from mercenaries 2: world in flames

When the world is still divided in the cold war and the rich of the boses was on the other side, one could easily compete in bookers or films well and bose against each other. With the terrorists and the boses like saddam hussein or the north korean dictator kim jong-il, this worked without coarse problems. So without serious protests, a james bond movie in north korea or a troupe of solders in the computer game "mercenaries: playground of destruction" to north korea, an "evil state", to be sent to death and fouling.

Is it "bose" or weak states that serve as a venue of tights, or confronted resp. Not specifically defined groups of people, but like in america’s army and other games where recognizable muslims are the boses, or in reverse versions, in which, for example, "resistance campers" compete against israeli soldiers (virtual west-east cross-to-cross) enemy pictures enjoy and credited. Computer games have already been prohibited in china if they violate "the national and national interests" as in the case of IGI2: covert strike. Here is an agent as a rambo single church, among other things, to china, to take off his mission and to fight against chinese militars (computer game undermine national.

For the next year, pendemic studios have called a new game entitled mercenaries 2: world in flames. Details have not yet been announced, but the scene of the plot should be venezuela, in which a "power hungry tyrant" appropriates itself the olar resources and therefore takes place one of a solder-trouped invasion:

Mercenaries 2: world in flames IS an explosive open world action game set in A massive, highly reactive, war torn world. A power-hungry tyrant messes with venezuela’s oil supply, sparking to invasion that turns the country into A warzone.

Pandemic studios

Earnings to Venezuela

The democratically elected venezuelan prasident chavez has built up in latin america as a reversal of the US government, which has regarded him and his socialist policy for years as a risk for national interests. Venezuela has the largest ol- and natural gas reserves of latin america and is an important OLD supplier for the USA. Especially since chavez has achieved control of the oldol group PDVSA, with the money internal and cyclical policy so far with success and a stronger political and economic unity of latin america has a stronger political and economic unity of latin america, the conflict with the united states has looked for a stronger political and economic unity. The venezuelan government believes that the US government also stood behind the 2002 coup and continue to overturn heet (permanent alarm condition).

That in this atmosphere is an american computer game, which is about the invasion of venezuelas, which is ruled by a "tyrant", and about a petroleum company, the mood exploits and heats, is obvious – and was allowed to the games, so politically uniformly she his MOGEN, nevertheless have been clear. Venezuelan deputies have already criticized that the game was a propagandament to prepare the americans for a possible fall of chavez. For example, the deputy luis toccon said that in the US media machine the gringos always the heroes and their opponents are always the boses. The deputy gabriela ramirez sees the game as a justification for an invasion and criticized that there is a wrong picture of the threat of latin america and chavez as a tyrant. Another spoke of a "psychological terror campaign".

Pandemic ares that the game should serve only entertainment and you do not have any connections with the US government. Chris norris, the press speaker, ared that one wanted to do a political statement to chavez with the game. But you do not want to put it out of the fiction: "even if a conflict does not necessarily have to enter, the game has sufficient realism to make believe that he might happen."But with this, you also focus on the political field and, with the" opinion formation ", contributes to" opinion formation ", in which in this case dominate the pictures of the enemies and violence.

However, the game is also a solder group, not to struggle on soldiers who are commissioned on behalf of a state. Soldner are entrepreneurs who accept the appearance of those who pay them most. So you play in a dirty world in which violence and money prevail. That too is a scenario that is not unrealistic.

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