From eugenik to the racial murder

An exhibition in the dresden hygiene museum is also trying to put its own story, but stobsts on concerns on criticism

Right at the beginning of the exhibition survive a person is completely glass. A better symbol had the creators of the exhibition "phonetic medicine" can not find. She was designed by the holocaust memorial museum washington and has been up to 24 since last wednesday. To see june 2007 at the dresden hygiene museum. Finally, this glacier man is shown for the first time in 1935 on a health exhibition of the german hygienemuseum under the presence of nazi celebrity.

But the fully transparent person who took his last private secrets was the goal of all the population politicians and eugenics, which since the beginning of the 19. Century in germany increasingly gained influence in the social debate. The story of the 1912 founded museum is itself closely linked to this movement. At that time, it seemingly went to life-reformal goals to healthy eating and clean and bright apartments. But right in "science as a blame" titled first part of the exhibition becomes clear how short the way from the eugenik to the vault was.

At the entrance, the visitor is confronted with a quote of the then driving eugeniker karl binding and alfred high of 1920. Still under the impression of the 1. World war I wrote:

At the same time think of a battlefield covered with thousands of dead youth and in thought, in thought, our idiotists with their care for their living inmates next to it and one is at the bottom of the sacrificing of the most expensive good of humanity in the big mabbare on the one and the largest care not only absolutely worthless, but negatively to friendly existences on the other side.

That sounds like anticipation of national socialist racial hygiene, which is presented in the main part of the exhibition under the interrelation "the biological state" in its various facets. NS-propagandaminister joseph goebbels has just summarized their goals on a party event of 1938: "we have to have a healthy people to enforce us in this world". In female bookers and on propaganda phenomenon, the blonde was to see strong germans in combat with people who were already stamped by binding and high as "negative to valuable existences".

Coarse doctor of the people

Already in july 1933, the first laws and regulations "to hedging inherited offspring, which had been welcomed by population politicians all over the world. Representative is quoted in the exhibition of the US eugenics leon whitney: "many far-sighted men and women in england and america have long been purposeful in a similar regulation, as they were now adopted by hitler. Did that hitler was celebrated by the nazi propaganda as a "big doctor of the people", pointed to a blonde german girl on a bleeding meadow.

A walk of the exhibition in dresden leads in a discreetly illuminated, tiled room, a replica of that room, where after 1939 the "deadly racial hygiene was practiced. In ca. True special children’s compartments of clinics and hospitals were murdered between 1933 and 1945 more than 5,000 people. Places, which are actually associated with the healing of diseases and the preservation of life, were places of medical mass murder.

The exhibition is subject to the murder actions on so-called sick and disabilities and the mass gasification at the european jews in the case of the upper leadership. The shoah is referred to as a "highlight of the national socialist racial hygiene programs". Personnel involved in the murder actions against so-called disabled people was also used in the mass murder actions against jews in eastern europe. With the illumination of this context quieter the exhibition makers pioneering work.

Women stain after 1945

The last smaller part of the exhibition deals with the post-war biographies of leading eugenics and physicians who had started their career long before 1933, but only in the nazi regime to men over life and death. Two were executed in the then soviet zone, two are fled and eight made partly prominent career in west germany.

With the exemplary lifeline, a force ratio becomes clear. With a small interruption after 1945, the rough majority continued its work seamlessly and certainly also determined the social and political debate in the post-war period. Here, the criticism of affected links relating to the hygiene museum on a rally for exhibition displacement historical clarification.

The international associaton against psychiatric assault, in which, among other things, the federal labor community of psychiatry-experienced and the irren-offensive employees, above all, acknowledges that the hungermorde in psychiatry in 1945 – 1949 in the exhibition no knowledge. The affected associations are called on scientific research, among other things, ernst klee and werner faulstich, who dealt apart especially with the hunger macers in the psychiatry of the immediate post-war period.

The director of the hygiene museum klaus vogel went on the press conference to open the exhibition only briefly on the protests. It is a different period of time, as the exhibition in 1945 with the end of the nazi domination end. "Here’s done, as if all brown men disappeared," said the speakers of the psychiatrics-experienced rene talbot. Bird’s argument that you show the exhibition as it was designed by the holocaust memorial museum washington, he did not want to be considered. Especially in the land of the TATTER MUSSE you exist on an exact historical work-up.

Talbot explained with the reference to the title elongation that was very well made. While the exhibition in the US "creating the mater race" punch, you have agreed in dresden for the scandalous title "racial awareness in national socialism". This will simply explain the deadly racial policy to a disease. In addition, so tatters and victims were placed on a level, burrowed talbot: "the strongly explained were so the first victims of a racial."

The critics, however, stressed that they do not intend to boycott the exhibition. It would give you to necessary assessments and the reference to blind spots as well as the reference to the present. For this, it will certainly come in the coming months. Parallel to the exhibition, an ambitious accompanying program is offered with events and congresses. There, the critics will speak safely.

The exhibition will not be over if in dresden the world psychiatric association of 6. – 8th. June 2007 meeting an international congress on foreclosure treatment in psychiatry. The psychiatric critics have already called for protests.

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