Night night iran?

Investments of la times should have shown that iran soon could build nuclear weapons

With iran, according to iraq and with north korea, the next conflict is available. Iran is not only interested in influencing the politics in the two neighboring countries afghanistan and iraq, which directly tanges the interests of the USA, the country probably also tries to develop nuclear weapons. The iranian government has, of course, providing this allegation and claims to ensure only the energy supply in the ol- and gas-rich country with the operation of atomic reactors. Investments the los angeles times should now point out that iran will soon be able to produce nuclear weapons.

Nightgo Iran?

The with the help of russia-built atomic reactor bushehr

The los angeles times has according to its own data due to the insight into once secret reports and talked to independent experts, iranian exiles, intelligence staff from europe and the middle east and governmental to many countries "strong evidence" discovered, "that the commercial program obscures the plan to become the next nuclear night in the world". The nuclear program was hidden from the UN inspectors. Technology and scientists from russia, china, north korea and pakistan had helped iran to come close to the goal.

While not known when iran can build the first atomic bomb, but some experts believe that this is already done in two or three years. A report of the french government of may had warned that iran is about to enrich uranium or plutonium nuclear-weapon-sovered. There were also samples who had taken the IAEA inspectors in june from iran. They are already enriched so high that the material can be used for a bomb.

Some research institutions are housed in a suburb of tehran in a watch factory. The UN inspectors was denied access. From china, 1.8 tonnes of uranium were imported from 1991. With pakistan, iran worked closely together. Currently, many military scientists from north korea in iran are tatig, who should participate in the development of nuclear string. And russian scientists were partly travels to iran without the authorization of the government in iran to complete a reactor for enriching plutonium. In recent months, iran has been addressed by iran to european intelligence information numerous european companies. The shopping list suggests that you have already reached the last steps of the gun development.

Iran was used by US prassident bush "axis of evil" calculated and is considered as support for international terrorism. At the moment, the conflict between the US and iran seems to be a bit deeper, because iran is apparently caught some, even high al qaeda members. The US government calls for its delivery, iran seems to be kept as a kind of deposit, perhaps in turn the hussein terror or liberation organization volksmudschaheddin, with which the US government has agreed a kind of ceasefire. (if it serves its own interests). The US government also seems to call for the opposition in iran to stimulate the government (iran destabilize), which was made for the planned, iraq restructuring of the middle east, crucial progress (it besched in tehran).

The iraq war was grounded primarily due to the existence of mass destruction weapons, which should have huskin inland. After nothing has been found so far and especially the alleged iraqi nuclear weapons program has turned out to be a FATA morgana in the service of war advice, the prere on the US government is strong to act strongly from creditence, if iran actually has a nuclear weapons program (if necessary, too with military violence after the exemple iraq). Only last month, the iranian government has introduced a long-distance rocket north korean type, with which israel can reach. Iran also pursues the nuclear weapons program to can offer israel, which is a non-explained nuclear night, to offer paroli (israel’s atomic policy). After the classification of iran in the "axis of evil" and after the announcement of the US pravention strategy, the desire was allowed to secure with nuclear weapons, only grown. As the wars showed in afghanistan and iraq, it seems to be the possession of nuclear weapons of the guarantor, not at all times from the US military excessiveness of the USA. The proposal to set up an atomic zone-free zone in the middle east, both israel and the US resist.

The US government still tries the problem in addition to some threats as in the case of north korea with diplomacy and the use of IAEA inspectors to loose. The international atomic energy sounds of the UN had criticized iran in her report not to control parts of the nuclear program, but no break with the nuclear weapon closure contract. The inspections continue for the time being. Another report is planned for september. Although the signator of the nuclear weapon closure contract, iran may produce enriched plutonium, but it is obliged to open the nuclear systems for inspections. There are also between the USA and europe in terms of iran differences (hardly to be transferred behind some units),

However, one seems to develop planes, how to destroy the nuclear systems by bombing. You had already lated that in the case of north korea. Prototype for this is the approach of israel, the 1981 the iraqi atom reactor osirak, just before he could be switched on, with bombs of fighting jets. However, this was humble in iran harder because some plants are underground against conventional bombs. For example, the centrifuges of the enrichment plant for plutonium at natanz are housed in subterranean bunkers.

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