Osama and britney – the stars of the week!

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video check

Purely artist, the last osama video was a single suspension. 47 qualifying for a few minutes was only the nearby still image to see it happened pure at all and the humor came again too short, as the film critics of spam attented: "hardly pointed monologue, no situation comics. Exception, but unfortunately not new: when he begins to talk about the war, he does that with the words :, I start talking about the war.""

osama bin laden on TV;)

Therefore, we like to show here on two much better osama videos. An old, which throws an interesting view behind the scenes of taliban or talibanese hindusch film production. And depamonized the damon osama. Was also overall! The second film, however, proves something we have always been guiled. Osama also has several double-gangs, which are finally seen in this video.

What more irritated us this week as osamas failed film art trial, is god. Yes, read correctly! God is now now under the webloggers, what the german blogger scene – keyword: extension of the holy spirit – can only do well. With many tongues there will be spoken for a long time. And with god in the weblog you will find so interesting contributions like:

"Even the sky has to go over time. From these reasons, today we exchange all harps in the course of the day against electric guitars. If today unusual obesity should sound out of the sky today, that’s no reason to worry. If the experiment succeeds successfully and find the new instruments, some musicians have to prepare for premature dismissal from earthly existence."

leave britney alone!

On a movie you did not pass the last days. He dominated all possible video parades, was almost five million times in the shortest time, and he is so terrible that he can not actually endure him until the end. The speech is from "leave britney alone" and seeing is a young man who calls himself chris crocker and asks in his movie to god and the world begs, but britney spears finally leave calm.

Britney, leave me alone!

Whether crocker, all serious, we do not know. But for a short time he is now famous. Not only on the internet because the movie has also ran several times in US television. And now, for example, the first parodies are from perez hilton with the programmatic title "britney, leave me alone!". And a musical obstruction of the movie that is very nice. By contrast, britney’s crest of britney is so daughter that at the end only occurs us: leave britney alone! Bloody hell!

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