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M.I.T.-music service is being annited between the muhlen industry

That "massachusetts institute of technology" in cambridge, short M.I.T, had an internal one and a half weeks in the context of the existing analogue TV network of the university "music on demand"-open service developed by the students keith winstein and josh almond. But even after a few hours of operation, various record companies, especially the universal music group, pointed out that for the publication of the music chocolates through the M.I.T.-service no authorization granted, nor a financial agreement has been made.

That surprised the developers then. Since the student’s service-based students are listening to music without storing and exchanging files or even can be burned and exchanged, windlass and almond are amed that for the M.I.T.-internal music library the same legal situation must be considered a radio station. The forming music files were delivered in the form of a hard disk of loudeye, according to self-description "A global leader in digital media services", the obviously the M.I.T.-project opposite as long as the impression revealed that copyright everything regulated goods until it was spat. Still on the day of the "music library"-starts gave loudeye a statement in which the speech of "about 48 000" delivered "licensed digital music show" was and in the spicy way keith winstein with the sentence "as far as we know, loudeye is the only company that has all the rights and permits, this service (with music show – anm. Author.) to supply", quoted. However, these news disappeared again from the loudeye homepage, when the storm clouds began to contract over the university service.

Winstein and almond had in addition to the endeavor to secure themselves in advance a request for the legal situation to the harry fox agency; this agency licenses music on behalf of "national publishers association". After a response for a response had been left for a response, it finally won that no additional licensings were not up, if the "music on demand"-service at loudeye was shopping. But this decision was also revoked by phone in the last minute, so that the operators with their new music service suddenly reclaimed on the illegal side and thus had to adjust it for evidenced.

The M.I.T. Is now in contact with us and recognizes his duty to decide the artists for the use of their work. Universal will be happy to participate in the discussion, as is to accomplish.

The universal in a statement:

On the one hand, the principle thought of winemen and almond, namely that it is legally about a kind of radiostation handle, comprehensible. If someone really wants to come to a recording of the music chocolates used there, he, of course, somehow, what applies to the program of each radio station is just as applicable. Probably, therefore, the understanding and arances of "loudeye" and the "harry fox agency" – with "universal vivendi" however, if one of them does not want to spoil itself to the parties, and so a legal association is subjected to a legal association within a few hours. You may be curious if there will be an agreement with the rights holders. Anyway, one thing becomes clear now: in times of completely unuitable copyright laws, you can find yourself on the side of the "music pirates" find everything if you have done everything to secure your project legally.

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