Youth protection no longer guaranteed?

Hardly on the federal preliminary office for youth hazard fonts – interview with the head of the bpjs

In a survey under 1.000 readers of the computer game journal gamestar confirmed a quarter of the parties that the violence shown in computer games. Experienced violence are not considered by 50 percent of PC players. About 25 percent of respondents are very wellgested by the presentation of wealth excesses and yet the weekly newspaper "the week", that less and less indexing approach to the federal promotion office for youth hazard scriptures (bpjs).

Violations in computer games seem to be based on the results of this opinion poll for normal playing everyday life and simply no longer perceived by the mass of the players. Not the animation of violence standing is in the foreground for the players, but through the dead of the opponents quickly reach the game goal. In another survey, at the same time, the games for the german market are only insufficiently tailored to the requirements of customers. Particularly acute the products that have been detected for fear of indexing by the bpjs. For this reason, 77 percent of respondents say that they had no desire for declared versions and therefore have to access the original versions. Only, which usually means declared computer games? Often the color of the blood is exchanged or in the manual or. Game history have been replaced by the human opponents by cyborgs. At the actual gambling company is in principle nothing.

Youth media protection an outlet model?

This apathy also has been adopted by youth guards long. Your thesis is that playing the apathetic participation is reduced by playing the violent games on the screen and the attitude towards violence also transferred to real everyday life. Even if no age division has been made in the survey, the trend shows that on the one hand rather the "bloody" versions of interest are, and on the other hand, that ultimately, these splatter effects are no longer perceived in the gameplay. Here is the burial for the statutory youth protection according to the law on the dissemination of youth-hazardous fonts and media content (GJSM. Splatter effects are uniquely accepted the area of aligning violence and should move the representatives of the youth protection to the application for indexing of computer game.

An indexed font (computer game, video, online offer etc.) may no longer be ied to persons under the age of 18; it may not be advertised for the product and it may u.A. No longer expelled via mail order. Eligible in the sense of the GJSM are approx. 800 youth guards in the federal territory. But now the weekly newspaper reported "the week", that less and less application has been incorporated on indexing in the federal promotment for youth hazardous writings. The head of the bpjs, mrs. Mrssen-engberding, is quoted that a requested job is liable for the other. For this reason, we have asked you again to this problem.

Interview with the head of the bpjs

in the weekly newspaper "the week" it was to be read that less and less on indexing. Is it correct that way? Monssen engberding: yes that’s right. At the end of august 1999, 100 sentencing were less recorded than in the same period last year. Is the statutory protection of protection as well as ensured as well? Monssen engberding: that the number of indexing applications are backed up does not necessarily mean that the statutory youth media protection is now without consequences. Finally, the activity of the bpjs has preventive effect. The main reason for the small number of applications was that the applicant authorities rely on each other. But it is not the fact that to the coarse part the equipment for the examination of computer and video games is not available and even very few places already have online access? Monssen engberding: yes. The mentioned equipment deficits are certainly the main cause of the reduced application volume. You can talk about representative youth protection, if always the same applicants are active? Monssen engberding: is correct that only a surplaceable number of applicants is initially tiant and thus manages like market observation. However, we have a variety of youth passengers who turn to us in such single traps, where they have been made aware of burgern on a concrete media content. The representative of the representatives is also assessed beyond the pluralistic committees of the bpjs. From our own expert activity, I know that a conveyation is very time consuming. Is the ridge of the indexing attachment also greeted in that less and fewer places have money for appraisers available. Place? Monssen engberding: this will certainly be a reason. Or rather it is also because of computer games manufacturers take the german youth protection now very seriously and produce already adapted versions for the german market? Monssen engberding: yes. The undertaking involvement of manufacturers in processes of voluntary self-control has visibly expanded awareness of problematic content. It is all the more important, this pleasing development, spoken figuratively speaking, "to grab the arms" and manufacturers who arise in such a way "marketplace" A chance for profit maximization witness to take responsibility with all the hardness of the law. The BPJS is therefore located in particular to indexing arrangements against offers of manufacturers, which are recognizable in this direction. If the voluntary self-control of the entertainment software grabs, so that fewer games must be indexed? Monssen engberding: as I said, especially in the youngest time, voluntary self-control facilities have made a valuable contribution to continuing education and consciousness of the responsible persons on the media page. This has also affected the respective content and therefore represents another reason for the rint of indexing. Believe that a submission of the games at the FSK was delivered even better results than it is already the case with the usk? Monssen engberding: the question of whether computer games should fall on CD-ROM among ยง 7 joschg will have to answer the legislator exclusively.

The confusion about the legalism of self-control, however, continues. The voluntary self-control of the filmwirtschaft (FKS) is always bearing the segregation that the work of the entertainment software self-control (USK) not carefully achievements. The focal point of this quarrel is the segregation of the FSK that in many computer games moving sequences are present and therefore the FSK is state. The usk since five years now, however, believes that games are usually interactive and therefore a youth juisfactory classification by the own business association as part of voluntary self-control corresponded to the tuning of a youth protection.

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