“While stocks last” – apple introduces current imac pro

Apple introduces its current IMAC PRO. In the online shop of the manufacturer since friday is under "buy imac pro." "while stocks last." to read. A configuration as needed and your own wish is also no longer possible – just a predetermined configuration can be ordered. Opposite to macrumors confirmed apple that the imac pro will no longer be available as soon as the prird is sold out.

The powerful all-in-one device on intel-based was on 5. June 2017 announced and introduced in december 2017. The price range for the pro device was between 5.500 euros in the entry-level model and 15.550 euros in the maximum configuration. The 2020 introduced imac (without pro) is, depending on the configuration, faster than the imac pro – partly also faster than the mac pro – and costs only half.

New imacs with arm processors

For this marz, some analysts expect the envision of new imacs with apple’s own arm processors, which should remove the current imacs. In addition to new processors, a new design is expected, which apple has not changed since 2012. An official envision of apple for a corresponding keynote is currently not available at the moment. If you believe the bracket believe, the 16 could. Marz 2021 be the date on which either the keynote takes place or an appointment is announced for it.

Iphone: apple wants more space for coarse batteries

IPhone: Apple wants more space for coarse batteries

Apple liked more room for coarse batteries in the iphone free space. For this purpose, it is planned to make further miniaturization of components – especially in the field of systems that take over side tasks (peripheral chips). An appropriate report has the electronic complex appearing in taiwan digitimes released. There you calculate with good businesses about for apple’s chippers.

Components also from apple?

To achieve the goal, more so-called IPD (integrated passive devices) in the iphone or also land in the ipad. These are passive components that sit on a common substrate or stuck in a common package. Suppliers could be according to the report apple’s A-chip supplier TSMC and the company amkor. The demand for ipds could increase significantly, believes the digitimes. Apple is not known to be a pity to make components themselves – in the most important, the A and M-SOC, the group has been there for years. TSMC could be IPDS about "on demand" deliver.

MMWAVE and 120 hertz

Small or dunner, however, was not allowed to be the iphone. How mentioned is the goal of creating more space for batteries with coarse capacity. Already "iphone 13" is known that apple wants to build so much batteries as never before. Reason is, among other things, that the devices – at least the pro variants – are to be carried out for the first time via 120 hertz displays. Another reason could be the expansion of the ultrafast 5G-mmwave technique for further landing – even the eats a lot of electricity.

M1-macs: apple does not see any differences between desktop and notebook more

M1-Macs: Apple does not see any differences between desktop and notebook more

All current macs come now with M1-chip – apple’s in-house arm processor. The group now ames that users no longer pay attention to performance aspects if they select the form factor of their next computer – rough differences between desktop and notebook should no longer exist. Two consolidated managers have pointed to this in an interview.

Form factor increasingly does not matter

Click to the US station cnn platform-product marketing manager stephen tonna and laura metz said from mac product marketing, who had users now "freedom to use their equipment as they want". Apple "A number of those who satisfy the needs of users, whether they are traveling a lot and a portable device is needed or something for little space [mac mini, anm. D. Red.] or something as all-in-one experience with a rough display [new imac mac, anm. D. Red.]."

Apple makes no information about clock frequencies of his apple silicone processors – all horen only on the name M1. Buyers can only be selected whether the device should have seven GPU cores (at the respective entry-level model) or eight. In addition, in the common memory of the SOC to 8 or 16 GB, as well as the coarse of SSD – currently currently 2 TBYTE – are determined. Further configuration options concern only the color of the devices.

Klartext: navis before the youngest court

Klartext: navis before the youngest court

The other day, in a car full of high-tech nerds. Navigation is needed. "Where is android auto?", someone asks. A few touch screen printers later he answers the question himself. When the google interface appears, he speaks the destination freely and off he goes. Nobody asks for the onboard navi. Google knows where the traffic is, because there are android phones everywhere. Google knows if the gas station you are driving to will be open when you arrive. And google knows that the car manufacturers, despite their decades of experience, have not managed to build something better into the center console. Therefore they call horrendous prices for being native in the center console. And so the manufacturers stick to their onboard navigation systems, while the users more and more tend to ignore them.


The days I looked at BMW’s new OS7, munich’s new center console system. It brings a similar number of features as mercedes’ MBUX, and like mercedes, the customer has to relearn a few things. The classic hierarchical tree structure of the idrive has been flattened for faster access, has become more flexible. The voice assistant reaches the level of mercedes – not surprising, since both manufacturers use nuance.

Especially that the language drivers run on the fast boards themselves, instead of the language having to be processed in the manufacturer’s cloud, which doesn’t work in tunnels. And still it’s hard for me to name concrete, functional advantages of the onboard navigation system over google maps that would really stand out in everyday life. The disadvantage of "relearning" is immediately apparent to everyone.

Ios 14 ready for new compact screen

Iphones with almost borderless screen should give way something more compact. The new is the new "iphone 12"-product line expects at least one model that has so far smallest format that uses apple for full-flaky displays. Of 5.85 inches, introduced with the iphone X in 2017 and maintained up to the current iphone 11 pro, it will go down to 5.4 inches – so at least a variety of smells. The new 5.4-inch entry-level model is apparently next to one "iphone 12" with 6.1 inches and two pro models with 6.1 and 6.7 inches – the previously big screen in an iphone – stand.

The ios simulator betrayed it

In ios 14, it has now surveyed that the new resolution is supported for said 5.4 inches. Apple has adapted its well-known display zoom feature for it, which has existed since iphone 6 and allowed to engraving interface elements from the icon to the text suitable. As early as 2018, it has been discovered by the iphone XS max of its screen resolution – with the help of the ios simulator for the development environment xcode. Similar was like 9TO5MAC has detected, with a 5.4-inch model possible – set on the resolution 960 times 2079 pixels.

As small as an iphone SE?

This was done down from the 5.85-inch resolution of the iphone X, which is 1125 times 2436 pixels. Interestingly, the ios simulator for ios 14 accepts the appropriate 5.4-inch resolution and correctly represents the elements of the operating system. Other resolutions, however, brought the IOS simulator to the crash. The new 5.4-inch device promises compact discharge with a sufficiently coarse screen. Be conceivable, so 9TO5MAC, that apple sets a similar format like an old iphone SE (4 inch screen diagonal) – just with more vertical space.

Apple updates: watchos 7.3.1 against charging error, macos 11.2.1 stops data loss

Apple updates: Watchos 7.3.1 against charging error, MacOS 11.2.1 Stops data loss

Two apple updates auber in the series should preserve owners of various apple-watch models as well as macs from problem. On monday evening, watchos 7 released.3.1 for apple watch series 5 and apple watch SE plus a revised macos 11.2.1 ALIAS BIG SUR FUR THE MAC.

Watch does not work anymore

With the update for the apple watch, the group ensures that the two mentioned models can also be charged from the so-called power reserves – this was previously no longer the case. The power reserve ("power reserve") use as soon as the watch is no longer equal battery capacity and then displays only the time. Apparently a bug at the series 5 and the SE dafur ensured that the watch then no longer sufficient "wake up", to be charged regular.

Apple could simultaneously ame that gates where this was the case and which does not allow imports of updating no longer to be repaired from the group for free – or exchanged. According to a new support document, you should wait at least half an hour long, if something still does. Apple has now renounced genius bar appointments in germany, which is very helpful in the repair case. Affected are loud the company "only a few users".