Ace survey: cities store more road salt than last winter

Most cities have learned from last winter and have increased their stocks of road salt. This is the result of a recent survey conducted by auto club europa among 27 major german cities. Only a few municipalities were short the budget for winter services, the club said.

According to the ACE, the city of gera in thuringia has doubled its stockpile and now keeps 1200 tons of salt on hand. Reserves were also doubled in kiel, the capital of schleswig-holstein, before the start of winter. Koblenz in rhineland-palatinate is not only increasing its stockpile from 500 to 900 tons of gritting material, but also has a contingent of 1500 tons in store with its supplier. Mainz increases its previous stock of 420 tons by another 300 tons. In addition, the winter road clearance service there ames that salt producers have prepared themselves better than in the past for increased demand in winter. Dortmund increased its salt stockpile by 40 percent and the brandenburg state capital potsdam increased its winter budget by more than a third to over two million euros.

The problem: road salt clumps together when stored for long periods and can then no longer be used as a gritting material. With a mild winter, already financially strapped municipalities face losses. If they stock too little, they may no longer be able to meet their road safety obligations. This was the case last winter, when many cities were no longer able to ensure safe roads and sidewalks. What is striking, says ACE, is that cities that ran out of salt last winter are scrambling to create reserves and options at a high level this year. Where the last winter did not lead to emergencies, people are apparently more willing to restore or even lower the previous amount of gritting material. (ACE)

The dandy of terror

The dandy of terror

All pictures: NFP

A "terrorist for hire" and the customs picture of an epoch: "carlos – the schakal" is an entertaining gangster movie

In the "international judian-zionist capitalism" he saw his main opponent, but he also struggled against arab, for example those states he for "weak", too compromise in the "anti-imperialist" fight against israel held. "Carlos" – so the world knows ramirez sanchez, the militant left from venezuela, who under his fight name before about three decades "carlos" the international media star became. An enigmatic figure whose appeal still captivates today and whose many facets of the french director olivier assayas ("IRMA VEP", "demonlover") now makes the topic of his latest film. So historically correct and exactly the facts also researched his MOGEN, assaya’s interested primarily the myth, the public figure, the modern walking of this terror-dandy who loved the women, fast cars, good wine and coarse pistols. Not randomly, assayas calls the question of his favorite movie viscontis "ludwig" – a world-life figure that fruh has worked on her own mythification.

The bags: porsche cayman r

The bags: porsche cayman r

Los angeles (USA), 17. November 2010 – porsche is a particularly welcome guest in the US when it comes to J.D. Power goes. The commentary of the opinion research institute has weight in north america. The 911er stands at the top of the "premium sporty cars" and the porsche brand for sixth time in a row on the satisfaction rating. Therefore, porsche will be joyful to the los angeles auto show to show its products – for a new variant of the cayman. In 2009 it was the boxster spyder, who was the focus. At the this year (19. To 28. November 2010) the cayman R should draw attention.


The mid-engine coupe is designed for driving dynamics, gets a newly matched sports suspension. The top model lies by 20 millimeters lower than the cayman S. There are more short, stiffer springs and adapted stabilizers on front and rear axles as well as a tuneau tuning of the steamer. The track was widened in front of four, rear by two millimeters. A serial blocking differential at the rear axle should improve traction and stability.


Slimming should be the "R" help more dynamics. So the top cayman weighs at least 55 kilograms less than the "S"-execution. It is saved in different ways: so the air conditioning and the radio is away, which saves 15 kilograms – as well as the use of aluminum doors, as they are used at the 911 turbo. Light sports peel seats bring more 12 kilograms of short. In the tortafels was dispensed with the storage facility. Also not available are the cover of the combined instrument and the cupholder. The new top model rolls out according to the manufacturer on the lightest 19-inch bardling, which has the entire porsche program to offer: the ten spokes are so filigree designed that the complete rim set brings less than 40 kilograms on the scales.

European standard for networked cars agreed

Cars, which warn each other by radio from dangers, are nearby nearby in europe. The stated bodies agreed on a uniform standard. This should ensure that cars of different manufacturers can connect to each other via radio. Among other things, the vehicles can automatically support and receive information about unfalling, black ice or ghost driver. With first such vehicles on europe’s straws 2015 is expected.

The state organizations "european telecoms standards institutes" (ETSI) and "european committee for standardization" (CEN) gave the agreement on wednesday to a foundation of rules for vehicle networking. This is for example about the radio frequencies and data formats used. The europeans cooperated closely with the state-of-the-art bodies in the US and japan to make the technology compatible worldwide. The vehicles should also exchange driving information such as speed and position.

A total of approximately 200 million vehicles on european straws are on the road. After estimating industry experts, there are already a laceable effect when about ten percent of the vehicles on the strain are networked. In the further development of the technology is also intended for communication between vehicles and infrastructure on the strain edge such as traffic lights or traffic signs – however, high investments were necessary.

Battery electric bmw 1er was able to remove bmw i3

Battery electric bmw 1er was able to remove bmw i3

Successor of the electric car BMW I3 could be the I1. This reports the british automagazine auto express calling on BMW manager. The battery electrical vehicle is based on the report on the 1er BMW. According to the magazine, the vehicle already found in the product planning and could already appear in 2021.

As auto express further reports, the I1 should be part of the strategy for electrifying the BMW fleet. BMW have challenged to imagine within the next four years between all electric vehicles as well as 13 plugin hybrids. The beginning should make high priced vehicles such as the IX3 SUV and the I4, followed by 2021 of the inext SUV, which should allow autonomous driving to level 3.

Drive type according to customer election

According to robert irlinger, boss of the I-product line at BMW, the flexible vehicle architectures were also allowed the construction of affordable and smaller electric cars. So konne BMW offer both front and rear-driven electric vehicles as well as all-wheel-e-cars, he predicted. In this case, the battery electrical variants as well as in the hybrid models largely acknowledge the BMW vehicles with conventional drive, quoted auto express manager.

Volkswagen: profitability should rise quickly

In the volkswagen group, the FUF billion euro a heavy austerity price is to bring the profitable car core marker to the lane. "We expect that significantly higher than a billion euros of it will be effective in the current year," said council of party martin winterkorn on thursday for presentation of the annual balance in berlin. The profitability of the core brand with its models such as golf and passat was slipped in 2014 to 2.5 percent sales yield – so it remained from 100 euros sales before interest and taxes (EBIT) only 2.50 euros of operational profit. By 2018, the austerity program started last summer should more than double the earning force.

Last year, among other things, economic flows in russia and brazil had the gain in volkswagen cars by 15 percent to 2.48 billion euros. Thus, golf, passat, polo, tiguan and co. At the return on sales around 0.4 percentage points less than in the previous year. In 2018, the house brand, which moves about every second euro sales in the group, should have six percent margin. Profit drivers were again the brands audi and porsche, which came to 7.9 billion euros of operational profit in 2014, and thus accounted for almost two-thirds of group-wide EBITS. In addition, the china-judgment increased its result by a funftel to 5.2 billion euros.

The 2014 success year with records in paragraph, sales and operational profit lit at volkswagen boss martin winterkorn ring the cash register. The CEO of the zwolf brand group with its nearly 600.000 employees get around 15.9 million euros salar for the year of business, as is shown on the business report submitted on thursday.

Demand instead of preventing

Hamburg, 17. December 2014 – cash laughs. That said a good 1.7 million private car houses, when the federal government in 2009 emerged environmental project, which was surrounded by the vernacular immediately in scrapping program. Who scrapped a old vehicle and earned a new car, got a flat rate 2.500 euro. Despite the norglers and pretids, the 5 billion action was proof of the reconciliation of people with direct money incentives. Now it could be so far again: the signs densify that the year is the year in which the hemis bag is opened over the electric car supervisor.

The symbolic target makes thoughtful

The situation: from january to inclusive november, 7518 cars with electric drive were released. This corresponds to an increase of 34.1 percent towards the same period of the previous year, but at the same time a market share of less than 0.3 percent. The total stock is below 30.000 copies. The goods for themselves no problem if there is not the symbolic target of one million electric cars for the year 2020. We do not live in a planned economy, and insofar as the non-invention or exploitation of a plan is not a special value. But it would be a poverty certificate for the business location germany, if the currently low growth pace of growth and, for example, at the end of the decade less than 200.000 vehicles by the republic of streams.

This also sees the auto industry so, which, according to the information of berliner experts, stables prere on politics. The ideas and demands published so far depend primarily on commercial customers. Thus, matthias wissmann, prasident of the association of the automotive industry (VDA) spoke, for a special description of 50 percent of the costs in the first year. A maaking that is similar like the 1-prospective rule for electrical service cars to private customers in front.

Daimler sells participation in tata

Daimler AG has separated from its participation in the indian car maker tata. The group sold its shares, which account for around 5 percent of tata shares, shared the company on tuesday. The sale spebles about 300 million euros in the klammen kassen of swabia. Daimler has completed the past year with a loss of 2.6 billion euros. As a buyer, various investor groups were called.

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) is positively influenced by around € 265 million in the first quarter, daimler continued to inform. At the same time, however, the group has already explored burdens from his participation in the air and spacecrafting company EADS for the first quarter. How high the impact on the stuttgart group, which holds a well-relevant share of 22.5 percent of EADS, but should only on the 27th. April will be communicated upon presentation of the quarterly numbers.

With the sale at the present time, daimler benefits from the course of the tata share last year, won it further. Tata has become known mainly as a manufacturer of the cheap car nano, but has also incorporated the british traditional brands jaguar and land rover. Daimler had already begun collaboration with tata in 1954, holding persuaded shares in the indian manufacturer since 1955. For vehicles, however, there is no cooperation.

Audi sq5 also comes as a gasoline

Audi sq5 also comes as a gasoline

Ingolstadt, 8. January 2013 – especially in heavy suvs, diesel engines help to keep the consumption in a halfway civilian frame despite the unfavorable combination of high weight, gross front surface and strong engine. But other lander, other preferences: the most powerful audi Q5 for eastern european, american and asian market is a new V6 petrol engine. In this country audi relies on a diesel in the SQ5. The sale of the gasoline is not planned in germany, at least for the time being.


The new SQ5 is powered by a three-liter V6 with compressor charging and 354 hp. The maximum torque of 470 nm is between 4000 and 4500 / min. His compressor is powered on a belt from the crankshaft and sits in the 90 degree V of the cylinder banks. The mechanical loader compresses the intake air up to 0.8 bar, two charge air coolers then cheeify it more powerful. The power transmission takes place via an eight-speed automatic, which can also be manually operated on the steering wheel on the steering wheel. Serial mabig is the permanent four-wheel drive quattro with wheel-optical torque control.

Such motorized accelerates the car in 5.3 seconds from zero to tempo 100 and is a maximum of 250 km / h quickly. For comparison: the SQ5 TDI graduates this discipline faster two tenths of a second and is also limited electronically at 250 km / h. Audi gives for the SQ5 3.0 TFSI A standard consumption of 8.5 liters, the S-diesel variant should get along with 7.2 l / 100 km. Like ubrow: if the driver makes only effective use of potential, these values were allowed to be a waste.