Earnings to venezuela

A computer game from the USA, in the soldner in venezuela, dominated by one "powerful tyrants", chamber, stobbies in politicians of the country on criticism

How much others can also be computer games on propaganda tools and transport a specific political ideology along the stereotypes of friend and enemy. This will then be problematic when games are located in certain countries and the enemies act as a bloodless opponent, which must be destroyed by all means. The boundaries between entertainment and training are already blurring at shooter and militar plays, when the militar developed simulations come to the market or conversely computer games are adapted to the requirements of the militar. Now let the pandemic studios, los angeles, soldner compete against venezuela. This is not favored in venezuela.

Earnings to Venezuela

Screenshot from mercenaries 2: world in flames

Truck toll planned on federal hubs in saxony-anhalt

Freight forwarders should pay a toll after the coming year on 158 kilometers of federal hubs in saxony-anhalt. The emotion should be collected on seven trenches. Affected are four-lane failure straws in the room magdeburg and halle and the new B 6 on the resin. Inner-stadtical rapid straws should first be toll-free, said the speaker of the ministry of transport, harald kreibich, on monday in magdeburg and thus confirmed a report of the newspaper magdeburg volksstimme.

After the lander traffic ministers had agreed in principle two weeks ago, there are now concrete tarpaulin from berlin, said kreibich. Saxony-anhalt minister of transport karl-heinz haine (CDU) wanted to give the proposals in the coming weeks and spells with associations from business and traffic drove. The minister of transports had agreed that artificially for well the half of all four-lane federal sausages should become a truck toll. Around 2000 of 3800 kilometers, dafur is in question nationwide. The federal ministry of transport wants to prevent trucks that want to avoid a motorway congestion to avoid these well-developed federal sausages.

A start date and the high of the toll are not fixed yet. On highways, a toll has been valid since january 2005 for heavy trucks from twelve tons of weight. It is staggered after axle load and pollutant emissions. "Although ultimately the federal government decides, but the proposals have not been put into the room as a dogma," says kreibich. For example, it should be avoided that after a toll import on the B6N the trucks roles back through quedlinburg, wernigerode and halberstadt. "It makes no sense to build the straws with a lot of money when truck rolls again through localities," said kreibich.

Grune: federal government should provide greater support for railways

Grune: federal government should provide greater support for railways

The federal government should make more money available for the demand of the public local passenger traffic. This is what andreas schwarz, the leader of the grunen parliamentary group in the state parliament of baden-wurttemberg, is demanding. "If the federal government wants driving bans to be avoided, it must provide stronger support for the states and municipalities to expand public transportation," schwarz told dpa. Driving bans for diesel cars loom in stuttgart. At the federal government’s diesel summit in berlin at the beginning of august, a "sustainable mobility for the city" fund worth 500 million euros was agreed. The federal government and car manufacturers will pay into the fund in equal shares. The money will be used to finance plans for the 28 regions in germany most affected by air pollution, including stuttgart.

Schwarz called the sum of 500 million euros "nose watering" – it is far too small. "If they distribute that among the affected cities, that’s far too few coming to baden-wurttemberg," he said. "There is an immense need for investment in the state." schwarz cited the expansion of S-bahn transport, regional transport and investment in light rail systems. At least a doubling of the amount of 500 million euros is necessary. On 4. September, chancellor angela merkel (CDU) will meet with representatives of the municipalities, for whom "master plans" are to be developed for well-connected and, as far as possible, clean transportation.

Schwarz also accused federal transport minister alexander dobrindt (CSU) of not taking care of the expansion and renovation of the rail network. "We demand that the next federal government expand and electrify the hochrheinbahn and the bodenseegurtelbahn, double-track the wendlinger kurve and eliminate the bottleneck between stuttgart-hauptbahnhof and feuerbach," said the state parliamentary group leader. "In addition, the gaubahn between singen and horb must be upgraded to two tracks."

The stupid criminal on this planet

Anti-scammer turn the spoon

The nigeria connection works with a "advanced fraud" (advance fairy fraud) and is also called 419 (four one niner) after a corresponding article in the nigerian code.

The victim promises millions of dollars, which is allegedly preserved when it comes to a millionar series o.A. Helps to transfer money abroad. Greed, stupidity or a latent bad conscience (cf. Placebo of the good conscience) of the victims as well as the (hair-going) ingenuity and the stuffiness of the scammer is due to the fact that the internationally raised fraud should now be the third-growing income source of nigeria. Alone from switzerland places up to ten million francs in the hands of the nigeria connection (cf. 15 years nigeria connection), the one "advance" in form of a "advance fairy", "transfer tax" or one "performance bond" demands.

Fiat panda: more for 8990 euros

Fiat panda: more for 8990 euros

Frankfurt am main, 14. June 2012 – the segment of cars for around 10.000 euro is currently crumpled hard. Only last week renault and honda had presented special models for 9990 euros. Now fiat with a panda, who undercuts this brand again by 1000 euros. It is not the old model, but the recent panda presented in marz. However, the offer is limited and only takes up to the 30. June 2012.

More with climate

The panda special model more offers from factory electric windows front, power steering, central locking and a manual air conditioning. ESP and side airbags also cost extra, such as a high-adjustable driver’s seat, a CD radio or an asymmetrically foldable back seat. The special model is only available in woman, black and red, in the interior color and the rims the selection falls even easier because fiat decreases the purchaseer here the decision. The seats are dark gray / red, the rims decorated with hubcaps.

Unfortunately, fiat offers this model only with the slightly eligible 1,2-liter gasoline engine. While that makes sufficient 69 hp, but consumes more than the more modern twinair two-cylinder with 85 hp. That’s a pity, but the high-tech two-cylinder will not give way not so fast in special offers.

Mercedes a-class: prices

Mercedes a-class: prices

The brand mercedes is certainly not lacking in self-confidence. This is documented, among other things, about price expectations, which are clearly the most highest in comparison. Now it is likely to have hardly anyone who wants to make mercedes with the new A-class a fiat tipo or a skoda rapid competition. But that they also leave some models of the middle class behind them, makes thoughtful.


The new A-class will be delivered from may 2018. The customer first has the choice between four engine gearbox configurations. The flower base model with a 1,4-turbo gasoline with 163 hp and manual transmission costs 30.232 euros, with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, 32.326 euros. The latter is alternative in the other two models. The two-liter gasoline with 224 hp costs 36.462 euros, the diesel with 116 hp 31.398 euros. The petrolers get a particle filter, the diesel a SCR-KAT. More weaker gasoline and stronger diesel would soon follow after the launch of the sale, hybrid only in the coming year.

Too expensive?

To judge this, a look at those cars will help to view daimler as a competitive models: an audi A3 sportback with 150 hp gasoline engine, manual transmission and less equipment is available from 26.600 euros, a BMW 125i with 224 hp and automatic as funturer from 39.050 euros. Mercedes is located in sophisticated society, all other cars can have for less money. Who likes, gets for the price of the cheapest A-class also a better equipped renault talisman.

Call for accounts lockers: india threatens twitter employees with custody

Call for Accounts Lockers: India threatens Twitter employees with custody

Should twitter do not restore the partial blocking of hundreds of accounts, india’s government threatens individual employees of the US group with money and even prison sentences. This reports buzzfeed citing the request to twitter. The group had written about 250 twitter accounts in the context of giant protests from india’s capital delhi on monday that their tweets were no longer visible in india. Among other things, news pages, journalists and celebrities were affected. They had commented on the protests, but the reproach was, they were stalking to violence.

Up to seven years of prison

As buzzfeed now explains, the partial barriers were lifted after a few hours. Before, a lawyer of twitter had met with representatives of the indian government and explained, the denounced tweets and accounts were falling under the right to free community. They had news value. The government contradicted on tuesday and officially prompted twitter on tuesday to restore the blocking. Should the US group not meet, employees threatened in india’s legal consequences up to several-year prison sentences. Twitter is also not at all in a position to decide whether the exercises vanish against laws.

The blockages were made in the course of massive protests of indian farmers against new laws. After all, since the half of india’s population works in agriculture, demonstrations provide one of the largest crises in the term of minister presenter narendra modi. In order to weak the protests, the resists had blocked the internet in front of the goals of delhi, where tens of thousands of farmers have gathered. The locks on twitter had allegedly directed against accounts that the hashtag #modiplane farmers genocide. This was invoked to violence. According to buzzfeed, however, the affected news page caravan has never used the hashtag, but only reported about the protests.

America’s automakers want even more money

When they tried to get billions in aid from the american government yesterday, the three big US carmakers gambled even more heavily than before – albeit apparently involuntarily. While their requests for aid in the approximate order of 25 billion were previously rejected, yesterday they even asked congress for 34 billion dollars. After it became known that the sales figures of the big three in november plummeted by an average of 37 percent compared to november last year, it also seems to look even tighter financially than previously amed. While the sales decline at ford and chrysler at 30.5 and 47.1 percent, GM lost 41.3 percent. With 153.Incidentally, the company still tops the list with 404 vehicles sold, followed by toyota with just over 130.000 vehicles sold. Really spared by the back goes no car maker, you can see from exotics like ferrari and subaru. All coarse series manufacturers in the american market have to accept losses between 21.5 percent (volkswagen) and 49.6 percent (jaguar / land rover).

According to a report by los angeles times GM alone needs $ 18 billion to weather the crisis. As recently as november, the company had stated that it had enough money for the first half of 2009. The company does not have “a plan B” in the drawer, said GM president fritz henderson. In return for financial aid, GM wants to save a lot. Specifically, that means selling saab and saturn, only offering a few niche models under the pontiac brand, 31.000 from currently 96.000 employees to be laid off and 2,000 dealers to know. Top managers should earn at least 20 percent less in the future, GM boss rick wagoner wants to work for a symbolic salary of 1 dollar in 2009.

All three US automakers also want to commit to building significantly more economical vehicles. Ford promises to offer an electric minibus by 2010 and electric cars from 2011. In addition, the company wants to check whether volvo can be sold, but stresses at the same time that it probably does not need access to the 9 billion dollars it had asked for. Ford CFO jim farley believes he has enough cash in the coffers to weather the current downturn. Chrysler, on the other hand, still ames that the only thing that can help the company is a cooperation or a merger with another automaker, which has saved 9 billion dollars a year.

Adfc demands premium for e-bikes

The national chairman of the german bicycle club (ADFC), ulrich syberg, is calling on the german government to provide a premium for electric bikes. "Why not give everyone who buys an electric bike 250 euros?", he told the news agency dpa in regensburg. He said the federal government should no longer demand only electric cars for a long time. "I call for a rethink in transportation policy."After the energy turnaround there must now come a transport turnaround. "Every mode of transport must have its place – walking and cycling are neglected today."

This weekend, some 200 delegates will discuss the future of cycling at the association’s national convention in regensburg, germany. According to the ADFC, the federal government also needs to spend a lot more money on expanding cycle paths and long-distance cycle routes. There are significant differences in quality between the cities. He would like to see a federal and industry-sponsored "pro rad" campaign involving all cities. "The money could come from the research budget or the health budget," syberg says.

He is also unhappy with traffic education in schools. It needs to be integrated into the classroom much more than it has been in the past and not just end after fourth grade, he said. "The correct handling of road traffic can be accommodated in many school subjects."This is where the ministries of education and family affairs come in.