End of the german “corona wunders”

End of the German'corona-wunders'

Image: bennett tobias / unsplash

In germany, more and more people die of covid-19

The news were already. And they were already to be true. During the early morning of 2020, the pandemic worldwide gripped and the number of dead in many countries rising steeply, germany seemed much less affected. Although the number of registered corona cases rose temporarily even exponentially. But any miracle seemed to make sure that a disease at covid-19 in this country had potentially less than dead consequences.

From eugenik to the racial murder

An exhibition in the dresden hygiene museum is also trying to put its own story, but stobsts on concerns on criticism

Right at the beginning of the exhibition survive a person is completely glass. A better symbol had the creators of the exhibition "phonetic medicine" can not find. She was designed by the holocaust memorial museum washington and has been up to 24 since last wednesday. To see june 2007 at the dresden hygiene museum. Finally, this glacier man is shown for the first time in 1935 on a health exhibition of the german hygienemuseum under the presence of nazi celebrity.

But the fully transparent person who took his last private secrets was the goal of all the population politicians and eugenics, which since the beginning of the 19. Century in germany increasingly gained influence in the social debate. The story of the 1912 founded museum is itself closely linked to this movement. At that time, it seemingly went to life-reformal goals to healthy eating and clean and bright apartments. But right in "science as a blame" titled first part of the exhibition becomes clear how short the way from the eugenik to the vault was.

Electronic health card: who pays the panning service?

Electronic health card: Who pays the cannal service?

The project company gematonic has the places of no longer functioning master data adjustment of the electronic health card with one "faulty change of the confidence anchor" explained. This error has occurred with the VPN connectors using the transport layer security (TLS) and, accordingly, update the trust service status list (TSL). If you pay the IT service providers that fix the error in the doctor and dental practices, is currently being discussed.

At the end of may, it had come to partial failure of the master data adjustment. As a result, the address data and the insurance status of the patients could not be compared in affected practices. Due to errors when updating the connectors do not trust the currently organized certificate, the gratatik informed. To resolve the problem, the trust lists must be updated on the affected connectors. This is just on site.

Repair on site

The repair works are meanwhile in full swing. The technicians must exchange the certificates in the medical practices when connectors of rise, SECUNET or T-systems are installed. Not affected are the kocobox connectors of compugroup medical, which does not use TLS.

Not all fish are danger

Not all fish are danger

Flounder. Photo: © hans hillewaert. License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

In flow and clay, the stock is so stable and the paragraph is so low that there are no fishing rates anymore

This week was the day of fish. The stand in the call, especially in the seas from extinction to be threatened (cf. Big fish at the end). But this is not in all kinds as telepolis experienced on request from the german fisheries association (DFV). For flounder and clikes, the weights in north and baltic sea are even stable that 2017 was dispensed with fishing rates. From the prisoner clutches are many copies as so-called "by-catch" again tilted into the sea because they do not settle in sufficient quantity. The up to 40 centimeters of gross flatfish, which come mainly from the north sea, are significantly more cost-effective than, for example, sea tongues – and extremely tasty, if you are cutting up with cut ccopes and fleet spots in the pan.

Data strategy: experts demand criminality of deanonymization

Data strategy: Experts demand criminality of Deanonymization

The data strategy of the federal government, which was adopted at the end of january, points in principle with its approach for a non-good-oriented sharing of measured values and information in the right direction, experts agreed on wednesday at an appeal in the bundestag. The coarse part of the experts spoke at the same time, however, for it, to readjust in the intended measures and to summarize them more concrete.


Positive is the multiple clear commitment to the informational self-determination, explained the federal data protection officer ulrich kelber. This can increase the confidence in the data concomities. In the catalog of listed initiatives, the data protection is too short. In particular, kelber relates to the opinion of the data ethics commission, which he belonged. Decisive is, in whose sense one "offset of the trial of deanonymization of data" to accomplish.

The bonn information loou louisa specht-riemenschneider supported this appeal. Especially for researchers, it is crucial to anonymize data to them then "in protected areas" evaluate. But it is necessary to create a permit status in order to previously not raise and save anonymized measured values. Must the amption that in a then anonymization after the state of science and technology "actual protection" present.

Healing by virus

Healing by virus

Tom patterson was sick. He was in coma for months. In the intensive care unit in the hospital of the university of california in san diego, he could not help him in the spring of 2016 – in any case no antibiotic. His organs began to fail. Because both his blood and his abdominal room were infested by the multi-resistant pathogen acinetobacter baumannii. Also as "iraqibacter" known keim received this nickname because he provided the iraq war in many soldiers for poorly healing wounds. Patterson had recently captured a variant of a variant of a holiday in egypt at the end of 2015. After his return to the california home, it turned out that they were resistant to all antibiotics, including the so-called reserve antibiotics,.

But patterson had enormous gluck. His wife steffanie strathdee is the director of the global health institute of the university in san diego, and she had belonged to a therapy, which can work wonders in such traps: viruses, namely a variant that infested bacteria – so-called bacteriophages. Already discovered a good hundred years ago, they mounted a tremendous potential for the fight against bacterial infections. Because the phages that do not consist of much more than their inheritance material and a hulle drum are specialized in certain bacteria. Your so-called lytic variant (see chart) penetrates into the cells and brings the host to produce as many new phages until it ends up and comes in the end.

For patterson, a phage therapy seemed to be the last chance of rescue. The problem was only: she is almost unsusely untouched in the united states and western europe, there is no general tenant. Strathdee put together with the attending physician robert schooley, a specialist for infectious diseases, all levers in motion to receive permission exceptionally. For gluck, the american researcher community reacted quickly.

Dick and fat by ongoing food and drink in the 24-7 company?

According to a study, the meals of the americans have become irregular and long, to take no calories at night 10-12 hours, could prevent obesity

Scientists from the SALK institute in la jolla suspect that not only lack of exercise and calorie-intensive diet for the epidemic of obesity and diabetes contribute, but also the eating behavior. This has adapted to the way of life in a 24/7 company, which no longer knows no shutdown, in which the sleep time becomes ever quick and in the at least american also all the time to take something to oneself. That could not only make fat, but also sick. Animal experiments at the SALK institute as well as other studies have shown that mause, which could eat very fatty food as often as often often, were much strong obese than those who could eat daily only during a period of 8-9 hours.

The scientists have with a smartphone app that for you an instrument for one "personalized medicine" and to become interesting for hospitals and life insurance, the eating habits of 156 healthy people from san diego logged in the course of 3 weeks to "feedogram" to create as you in your in your "cell matabolism" write a published study. The participants were neither diet, nor did they shift them, they should take everything they aben and drank, photograph or at least enter as text into the app that collected the time and place with. By samples about push requests, tried to find out how often the participants had forgotten to document the dose of food or drink. The scientists derived from it that there is a falstonate of about 10 percent.

Delta in the usa

Delta in the USA

Fails bidden covid policy at the delta variant?

After the success of the vaccination campaign, the US is now before the next coarse wave. If joe biden covid politics had first arrived at the population, now more and more problems show themselves.

A fallowing vaccination campaign, the dispute over the reintroduction of mask duty, but also the political handling of media reporting around covid columns the company at a well-known location: by the question of where and how far the state is allowed to intervene in the life of his burger , respectively. How far rights and influence of the federal government should be sufficient.