Osama and britney – the stars of the week!

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video check

Purely artist, the last osama video was a single suspension. 47 qualifying for a few minutes was only the nearby still image to see it happened pure at all and the humor came again too short, as the film critics of spam attented: "hardly pointed monologue, no situation comics. Exception, but unfortunately not new: when he begins to talk about the war, he does that with the words :, I start talking about the war.""

osama bin laden on TV;)

Pirate against will

M.I.T.-music service is being annited between the muhlen industry

That "massachusetts institute of technology" in cambridge, short M.I.T, had an internal one and a half weeks in the context of the existing analogue TV network of the university "music on demand"-open service developed by the students keith winstein and josh almond. But even after a few hours of operation, various record companies, especially the universal music group, pointed out that for the publication of the music chocolates through the M.I.T.-service no authorization granted, nor a financial agreement has been made.

That surprised the developers then. Since the student’s service-based students are listening to music without storing and exchanging files or even can be burned and exchanged, windlass and almond are amed that for the M.I.T.-internal music library the same legal situation must be considered a radio station. The forming music files were delivered in the form of a hard disk of loudeye, according to self-description "A global leader in digital media services", the obviously the M.I.T.-project opposite as long as the impression revealed that copyright everything regulated goods until it was spat. Still on the day of the "music library"-starts gave loudeye a statement in which the speech of "about 48 000" delivered "licensed digital music show" was and in the spicy way keith winstein with the sentence "as far as we know, loudeye is the only company that has all the rights and permits, this service (with music show – anm. Author.) to supply", quoted. However, these news disappeared again from the loudeye homepage, when the storm clouds began to contract over the university service.

Youth protection no longer guaranteed?

Hardly on the federal preliminary office for youth hazard fonts – interview with the head of the bpjs

In a survey under 1.000 readers of the computer game journal gamestar confirmed a quarter of the parties that the violence shown in computer games. Experienced violence are not considered by 50 percent of PC players. About 25 percent of respondents are very wellgested by the presentation of wealth excesses and yet the weekly newspaper "the week", that less and less indexing approach to the federal promotion office for youth hazard scriptures (bpjs).

Violations in computer games seem to be based on the results of this opinion poll for normal playing everyday life and simply no longer perceived by the mass of the players. Not the animation of violence standing is in the foreground for the players, but through the dead of the opponents quickly reach the game goal. In another survey, at the same time, the games for the german market are only insufficiently tailored to the requirements of customers. Particularly acute the products that have been detected for fear of indexing by the bpjs. For this reason, 77 percent of respondents say that they had no desire for declared versions and therefore have to access the original versions. Only, which usually means declared computer games? Often the color of the blood is exchanged or in the manual or. Game history have been replaced by the human opponents by cyborgs. At the actual gambling company is in principle nothing.

Abbas expert advanced new elections

Bloody internal palastic conflict is approaching

Only eleven months after the last parliamentary elections, the palastinians in westjordan and gaza stripes will re-election their political lead. This rally prasident mahmud abbas on saturday in a weekly awaited "important speech" at. Not only the parliament, which has been dominated by hamas since the elections in january, should be re-elected. Also prasident abbas (fatah), in office since january 2005, wants to be a vote again. An appointment for new elections is not yet fixed.

The envision follows on weeks of armed clashes between fatah and hamas. In a collection that was pressed throughout the palatinian areas, three children of a fatah security officer in gaza had died on monday in gaza. However, hamas rejects responsibility. Palastinians from gaza write the murder of an enemy family. Two hamas ministers escaped attack attempts. A judge of hamas was killed. Even minister prosident ismail haniya (hamas) had to recapture on friday after his return from a journey through several islamic states in the gaza strip in front of balls. At the attack, a body welded was killed, haniya’s son injured.

Digital studies: with online coffee gossip against the loneliness

Digital studies: with online coffee gossip against the loneliness

The digital coffee gossip with friends is the highlight of their current social life for the heidelberger jura student annalena wirth. It is the second semester in which she studies coronabeed online – in the whole of november is prohibited by corona regulation prasseller. "I was very happy about the lectures and was very sad that they are only held digitally", says the 19-year spokeswoman of the student’s council of the university heidelberg.

After weeks of brooding on a housework in her little student bude, she was looking forward to contacts with a lecture – but she found himself in the anonymitation of an online event again. Even the lot of falling in working groups now fall flat. Instead, one would have to fight with the technology; in their first lecture, the online system has allowed only 250 participants. "If there are more, the one with the strongest internet comes to the train", blind.

Impact of digital studies

Wirth looked at it so far as an advantage to live alone in a one-room apartment. Now she envies the fellow students who live in shared communities and always speech. Even together lunch in the cafeteria is not possible, food is only available "to go". For the first semesters, it is particularly difficult to orient himself to build contacts, to shake friendships or to get tips on old fellow students. All the policy for student life. "It is a very stressful time", was the young woman together.

Unemployment in young people increases worldwide

Young people are discussed overproportional from unemployment, high economic growth or better education otherwise nothing

It is known that youth unemployment is a growing problem. Normally, however, it is explained with missing or insufficient education, what else is that one promises young people workplaces if they are only a lot of formed. However, according to the latest report by the international labor office (ILO), this was allowed to be a troubleshooting, as even with the growing global economy, the unemployment figures for young people do not resume, but rise.

Of the total of 1.16 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24 years old, a third is looking for a workplace without finding one, job search has given up or working with an income of less than 2 dollars a day. 300 million, so a quarter of all young people, obedience to the "working poor" and live under the poverty line of two dollars a day, 120 million young people with work living in a household, which has a dollar on daily.

Follow the climate crisis: less usable flat for agriculture

Follow the climate crisis: less usable flat for agriculture

Around one third of the worldwide agriculture flats could no longer be suitable for agricultural production 2090. To this result, a study of finnish and swiss scientists for the case that no further maws were taken against educational awareness. The worst affected were the computer models according to sahara sahara, sudamerika as well as in sud and sudostasia. In germany, the agricultural flakes were still in the safe climatic space, but there were subtropical walder in some regions.

The study of a group around matti kummu of aalto university in espoo (finland) is in the journal "one earth" appeared. "The good news is that only a fraction of food production has never been exposed to existing conditions if we were jointly reducing emissions so that the emission was limited to 1.5 to 2 degrees", explains kummu. In this case, 2090 were only about eight percent of farmers and funf percent of the pastureland outside of suitable climatic conditions.

Fewers no longer offered the needed conditions

Kummu and colleagues took the period 1970 to 2000 as the basis for climatic conditions, among which 95 percent of farming and livestock. These conditions defined them as "safe climatic room". Then they relate to these conditions with changes that will result from climate change according to models from the progress reports of the world climate (IPCC). The most favorable scenario is the so-called sociooconomic development path SSP1 in conjunction with the representative concentration path RCP2.6. The most unnecessary product development after the scenario SSP5-8.5, if no measures were taken against climate change.

Facebook and gucci go against product folds

Facebook and Gucci go against product folds

Together with the luxury fashion company gucci facebook has filed a lawsuit in the USA, which is directed against an international group of product falses. Of course, the sale of president products is banned on facebook itself and the daughter platform instagram according to terms of use, as well as the goods are copyrighted or trademark law.

According to a facebook blog post, the false has repeatedly opened new accounts and distributed the products for it. So they also had the blocking. Such IP injuries are also prohibited. The social network uses a program that can recognize such abuse and immediately push a bar in front of it.

Millions of products and distribution channels

Together together against the wrong, facebook for the logical next step. An industrial-umbrella collaboration is new, but also important to achieve something. The joint action is the first of this kind. Fake shops and falsifications are a problem on the internet, but also on social networks, if these direct purchase functions imports.

Pirate party and sexism

Is the young pirate party a devastated love or is only sitting in the statistics trap?

If the current pirate sexism discussion remains a belly button problem of the most recent left margin of our company or we experience a tangible ideological generation conflict here? I naturally tap on the latter.

In the last day in the read-write-web, so the part of the interwebitubes, where you can also join in, a topic high, which I had not expected: discrimination against women, a.K.A. Sexism at the pirate party. But, really, I surprised me to read extensive concerns here. That you do not choose the pirates, though everything is right, what’s in your program. Because they have waived to explicitly point to equality requirements, even on the distinction between pirate and piratin, and also on the party congress, by base democratic decision. Both pirates as well as pirates have namely for the sex-neutral salutation "pirate" voted. May be that?

Eu commission allegedly from formal competition complaints against amazon

EU Commission allegedly from formal competition complaints against Amazon

According to a media report, the european commission is shortly before that amazon officially introduces anticompetitive behavior in dealing with handlers on its own platform. The wall street journal reports, brussels authority will be coming or performing weekly complaints to amazon, to which the US group can then comment. The commission wants to accuse the amazon accordingly to complete data from handlers on the marketplace to develop their own products and to competition to the handlers.

The handling of amazon with its own marketplace has been in the focus of cartel butords in europe and the USA. Handler can sell their articles to the amazon website and access the logistics infrastructure of the group as needed. According to the company, more than half of the gross gross sales generated worldwide, this sellers. The wall street journal had reported in april that amazon sales data of individual products of marketplace handlers should have used to develop lucrative competition products under their own label.

Margrethe vestager, the EU competition commissarin, has now apparently compiled enough information to provide amazon this premiere. The so-called notification of objections to the report, according to the report, is a formal step in the investigation of inspection competition inspection. The parties are informed in writing about the points and can then see the files and take comment. The EU commission then concludes that there are sufficient evidence for violations of violations, it can prohibit behavior and conduct funds of up to 10 percent of worldwide annual turnover.