Night night iran?

Investments of la times should have shown that iran soon could build nuclear weapons

With iran, according to iraq and with north korea, the next conflict is available. Iran is not only interested in influencing the politics in the two neighboring countries afghanistan and iraq, which directly tanges the interests of the USA, the country probably also tries to develop nuclear weapons. The iranian government has, of course, providing this allegation and claims to ensure only the energy supply in the ol- and gas-rich country with the operation of atomic reactors. Investments the los angeles times should now point out that iran will soon be able to produce nuclear weapons.

Nightgo Iran?

The with the help of russia-built atomic reactor bushehr

Assange is waiting for internet access

Assange is waiting for internet access

Julian assange (left). Image: public domain mark 1.0

Ecuador allegedly provides claims for the cancellation of the communication lock

According to wikileaks, the whistleblower platform wikileaks has its landlord of julian assange, which has been eliminating a delivery in the london embassy of ecuador for more than six years, despite other promises, monday evening still has no access to the internet, mobile phones and visitors who are not his salaries. His previously last tweet is still one from the marz.

Joe biden wins us election – breath for the world to trump

Joe Biden wins US election - breath for the world to Trump

Joe biden is only on the 20th. January as a prasident of the united states, the 77-year-olds are already present in his victory speech. "I’m going to work as hard for those who voted me for those who did not want to vote for me", says the democrat on saturday night (local time) in his hometown wilmington. "We have to stop seeing our opponents as enemies." biden puts an empathy on the day, as she still spits out an official owner donald trump – who spits on twitter gift and galle – has never shown. Hours before, US media have proclaimed the winner of the historical US election after a day-to-day paying crimi biders.

A prassident of all americans?

Trump himself wants to defend himself legally against the defeat, the power struggle for the soft house is not yet. But that even trump’s home station fox news in the night to sunday the banner "biden to 46. Prasident chemed" shows in the current program, let guy where the journey goes.

Biden has been a taste of what his term of office could look like for days. He wants to be a prassident of all americans, says the 77-year-old. This once promised trump (74). The difference: biden it works believed. The former vice of barack obama says, now it’s time, "leave the brutal rhetoric of the election campaign behind us to lower the temperature".

Is there an american ideology?

Torture in the film and in the reality

If you wife that a movie of "the nazis" it was made, it is relatively easy to get to the conclusion that it is one "nazi movie" must act, which is just looked at highly highly highly sighted with the ideology of the nazis, too or just when under a title like gasman sautely only a shallow comodie with heinz ruhmann hides. (but, you note: the only movie in which ruhmann uses the hitler-grub, how wikipedia notes.To)

Okay, and with a american movie, you could say, you usually find a lot american ideology. In view of the right to american film, most people around the globe mean both elements – the american and the ideological – as completely "naturally", as a picture of the realitate "just the way she is" feel allowed. You will be on all trap against the word "ideology" bolt. And definitely, they were forced this abutment of nazi film and american film as a very depressed DEGOUTANT.