Brave buys ex-burda search engine cliqz

Brave buys ex-Burda search engine cliqz

The american browser manufacturer brave buys the search engine technology "tailcat" from the estate of the burda daughter cliqz. Thus, the company wants to secure a new source of revenue and challenge google at the same time.

The german coarse publisher had already set his privacy-oriented browser CLIQZ in april 2020. The project, which was also designed as a fight announcement on google, had also developed its own search engine. The index of the tailcat project covers about 9 billion websites. With the technology, nine employees go to the browser manufacturer to continue the development.

New ways for brave

Tailcat should become a core of a new search engine called brave search. These should not create user profiles and give users to the users in choosing the ranking algorithms. A novelty: users should even decide to do without advertising – but then had to pay for the search engine. When brave search is actually unlocked, it is still unclear. Interested parties can already register for a beta test.

Bmw 3 series visually and technically refreshed

Bmw 3 series visually and technically refreshed

Munchen, 18. January 2010 – the auto world is unfair: where many well-known manufacturers have to compete with an excitement to provide for interest, BMW simply handes the 3 series. Although it did not go so well in this class last year, but somehow the 3er for many are still a particularly striving­worth in good value. So go: there are new engines, new technical equipment and coupe and convertible have enjoyed visual modifications. From the beginning one recognizes the model year 2010 of the two two more on a broader kidney, a more striker bonnet and a new daily. Striking is above all the lower air inlet, which is now through.

New lighting technology

For the standard equipment of coupe and convertible, bi-xenon headlights. The double-round headlights have a modified contour and inside new lighting technology. Optionally, adaptive cornering light, fleshight, a variable light distribution for urban and motorway rides as well as an adaptive light­expand­to have regulation. Corona rings form the series-maby daytime running lights. On request, an LED package is available. Then the daytime running light of diodes is also generated. Dimmed to around ten percent of their complete performance, take the function of the position lights, with full luminance serve as daytime running lights. In addition, this option also includes LED turn signals and also a low-edge of the headlamps also fed from diodes.

The tail lights are handled: you get uniform red-colored top glass. In the tailgate there is also a new horizontal light edge, which should have coupe and convertible more wider. Greater outdoor mirrors provide better backlog than before.

On the way to the response machine

"Alpha" is a milestone in information technology or why mathematical approaches are superior: a conversation with the physicist klaus holthausen

Stephen wolfram has with the envision of wolfram alpha (cf. Software genius does not promise any google killer) at least astonishment caused: alpha should not generate answers from a keyword search in content, but calculate them mathematically. The german physicist klaus holthausen tries with his project qimaya, computers in other ways to teach the understanding of network content. In the interview, he greeted why mathematical approaches are considered the previous attempts to help the semantic web through a tribute and parallel tagging to breakthrough.

Since stephen wolfram has announced his anpha answering machine in his blog, at least in the media was often talked about a google killer. For how significant, keep the envision? Klaus holthausen: I expect a significant milestone in information technology. It is not about whether the new response machine is something in principle new. I see an analogy to develop hardware: the step of transistor to the integrated circuit did not bring anything in principle. But he revolutionized our world. If stephen wolfram succeeded in tensioning algorithms into a framework that they work like a cellular machine, then it would be a very significant step. Which problems will be alpha loans, the google CO. Not solve? Klaus holthausen: google is passive and slow. Many know the so-called "google dance", a periodic fluctuation of the pagerank, which is concluded by expensive update procedures. Wolfram alpha calculates answers dynamically. Dynamic user interaction is a central theme of a patent of stephen wolfram, which was published in october last year. Alpha can react faster to a dramatic event – such as an amooker -. Alpha has not been reproduced several times the same DPA message, but as a dynamic and intelligent wikipedia immediately aggregate background knowledge.

Audi: economical and clean in the future

Audi: economical and clean in the future

Ingolstadt / nurnberg, 25. July 2007 – audi wants to go to the future with clean and economical engines. At a press conference of the bavarian auto climate initiative, which in addition to audi is also BMW, the association of the automotive industry (VDA), the ADAC and the bavarian state government, the manufacturer presented a series of innovative technologies. They should worries for more efficiency and less CO2 out.

Economical E-modell in the volume series

The ingolstadter focus mainly on the diesel: audi launches its TDI strategy in 2008 with a modified three-liter V6 in the ranks A4 and Q7. The basis is the already offered TDI engine from the A5 with 240 hp and 500 newton meters of torque. By 2010, audi wants to offer the new technology in many vehicle and performance classes. The TDI principle of diesel direct injection with turbocharger is optimized for this: a new piezo-common rail system with 2000 bar injection prere, highly efficient emission prere and optimized charging should bring significantly lower engine raw emissions. A highlight are the combustion chamber sensors used worldwide for the first time. You should make a pracere scheme of incoming incidence.

Ultra-low-emission system with additional variable

The clean high-tech diesel is the new TDI generation through the downstream ultra-low-emission system. It should reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 90 percent. To operate the system, adblue is used, a biodegradable additional solution. It is injected in a minimum dosage in front of the denox catalyst. The complete ultra-low-emission system consists of catalyst, dosing module, adblue tank, heated lines and a comprehensive sensor. The additional oxidation catalyst and a regulated diesel particulate filter complete the exhaust gas purification system.


Munchen, 5. June 2014 – mini now also the core model of the family with four tens – in the fall comes the 16 centimeters-langed stretch version on the market. Technology and equipment has little gentle.

The previous two-rightness of the mini was probably due to the historical role model. At the latest, however, since the clubman with his portal tour on the passenger side, the countryman or strangeness like the coupe, the concept had already developed the way that you ask yourself why the long version of the mini comes with four treats actually only now.

No gross effort

He was redeemed to 2.57 meters in the wheelbase compared to the secondary yard, which means no coarse effort thanks to BMWS "subclass" platform. The recovered interior length should be surgically survived in legroom. The head of the head of the head has also grown to consider considerable six centimeters and to complain BMW even more inner width for the three-person demand case. Since you will probably have the turp caps smelled something. Since the fourth energy grew by 16 centimeters to 3.98 meters, the cargo space increases to 278 liters. The ruckbank is foldable in the ratio 40:60, the storage packet offers a variable lockable loading floor.